What is „Your Requiem“?

To make it short: „Your Requiem“ is your individually composed funeral song- a new trend in the death-care industry.

Nowadays you can plan your own funeral way ahead of time. In Norway, there was even a TV Show that showed local celebrities planning their own funerals to entertain its viewers (as reported by i.e. thelocal.no).  Also in the US and in Great Britain the trend goes towards planning ahead. This is to save time and costs for the bereaved. But planning ahead also means, that you have controll about how your funeral ceremony will look like. In the US you even have professional Remembrance Planners.

Let’s have a look at funeral songs: In the past gentleman like Mozart, Brahms and Haydn composed requiems for the funeral masses of wealthy citizens. Very often a church choir was involved. One of the most popular requiems is Mozart’s Mozart’s „Requiem im D Minor“. Nowadays you can find many lists of popular funeral songs online, which even The Telegraph is listing. What is never missing on these lists of top funeral songs is the classic „Ave Maria“ by Schubert. Very popular are also Bette Midler’s „Wind beneath my wings“, Frank Sinatra „My Way“ or even AC/DC’s „Highway to Hell“. There is no end to the possibilities of choosing suitable funeral songs. But… which of the numerous great songs and classical pieces should you pick?

We have got the solution – you choose your own requiem. What the music should sound like, how extensive you wish your requiem to be, is up to you alone. Here you can find out how it works. Tell us your story, we create a memory. 

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